Author Topic: "St. Patrick's Day" Music Festival in the Russian folk tradition  (Read 3275 times)

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Music Festival St. Patrick's Day ", which is from 15 to 22 March will be held in Moscow, Russia's return to youth interested in the Russian folk tradition.
International Festival "St. Patrick's Day" is dedicated to the well-known distributor of Christianity in Ireland.  This holiday is commemorated worldwide.  In Moscow, the first St. Patrick's Parade was held in 1992, which later turned into a music festival.

In the days of festivities in the capital will also speak Russian musicians and dancers. Concert in "B2" on March 19.
The next day, March 20, in the capital club "Point" to be folk-rock marathon, where the stories of the other person the agency, "will play a more severe group, which works in one way or another, there are secondary processing of Irish folk music."

In addition, March 21, held an open master class teacher of Irish dance Gerard Butler (Gerard Butler) from Ireland.

"This is interesting because these are the kinds of folk dances, which are similar to our village staff - the root of the Russians, and Irish dancing alone. But of these dances has grown more famous Irish step," - said a member of the festival organizing committee Andreychuk.

St. Patrick is known that all his life devoted to the spread of Christianity in Ireland. He died in March 461, but grateful for the Irish people still consider him their patron saint. St. Patrick's Day is pleased to note the March 17, in Ireland, as well as around the world: music, dancing, parades.
Attributes of the festival is a green dress and shamrock (clover).

Festival St. Patrick's Day "is organized annually Cultural Foundation" Heather"
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St. Patrick's Day parade canceled for 2011
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2011, 10:17:33 PM »
Moscow authorities canceled the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade amid concerns over its impact on the city's chronic traffic problems.

Irish Ambassador to Russia Philip McDonagh said instead of the parade, started by former mayor Yury Luzhkov in 1992, an indoor concert was being held on Sunday, March 20, which would feature Irish piano virtuoso Miceal O'Rourke, the Irish Times reported.

"This event, of which the city of Moscow is joint patron, replaces the parade - an experiment we are trying this year in view of the cold weather and the priority that is being given at present to resolving Moscow's traffic problems," McDonagh was quoted by the Irish Times as saying.


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Re: "St. Patrick's Day" Music Festival in the Russian folk tradition
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Traditionally, they would be strict conditions for Lent waived for the day and Irish families go to church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon with lunch meat.