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Orthodox Easter - 19 of April 2009
« on: March 05, 2009, 09:16:23 PM »
"Christ has arisen! Truly arisen!"

Holiday Lights,  Jesus Revivals, Easter, - the main event of the year for Orthodox Christians and the biggest Orthodox holiday. The word "Easter" has come to us from the Greek language and means "transient", "deliverance". This day we triumph deliverance over Christ of the Savior of all mankind from slavery to a a life and eternal pleasure. As God Jesus's the death accomplishes our expiation so His Revival grants to us an eternal life.

Revival of Jesus is a basis of our Orthodox belief, it is the first and greatest truth which was begun in goodwill by apostles.

In 2009 Easter falls on April, 19 on new style.
Праздник Светлого Христова Воскресения, Пасха, - главное событие года для православных христиан и самый большой православный праздник. Слово "Пасха" пришло к нам из греческого языка и означает "прехождение", "избавление". В этот день мы торжествуем избавление через Христа Спасителя всего человечества от рабства диаволу и дарование нам жизни и вечного блаженства. Как крестной Христовой смертью совершено наше искупление, так Его Воскресением дарована нам вечная жизнь.

Воскресение Христово - это основа и венец нашей веры, это первая и самая великая истина, которую начали благовествовать апостолы.

В 2009 году Пасха приходится на 19 апреля по новому стилю.

It is usually one week difference betwen Orthodox and Catholic Easter.

                    Ideas for Easter 2009

Decorated Easter Eggs!

Dying Easter Eggs is an art form with a long tradition.

The beautiful decorated eggs make great gifts for family and friends. They are given as gifts in Eastern Europe where they are known as a "pysanky" eggs. Anyone can create them using simple tools and not much time.

              Easter Kulich!
Easter table couldn't be without Kulich, holiday ceremonial bread. Easter Kulich, being a symbol of atonement sufferings on the cross by Jesus Christ, has a inner meaning.
Please, check the recipe here:

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Re: Orthodox Easter Food
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If you can't be in Russia for Easter you can get some Russian easter chocolate or breads mailorder in the USA from Russian Table.
In Russian :
I am partial to the chocolate eggs from the Cheburashka bunny with a surprise inside!
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