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Train tickets on Internet
« on: February 18, 2009, 12:29:06 AM »
Hi everybody!
I like to go outside but i hate to stand in a line in a crowd place.
I can order my train tickets from the schedule in internet, call the phone number and pick them up later.
Great idea?

In 2007-09 you can make train reservations via Internet
You need to create a logon and you can search for tickets.
St. Petersburg - Moscow often sell out a week or two in advance, but you can keep looking, availability changes by the hour as people change their schedules and tickets are made available.
Online reservations hold the reservation for 10 minutes while you pay, then you pick up at the station.
We find the visa pay system does not always work.
You can use the online site for schedules order over the telephone dialing 067.
You have to go pay and pickup your tickets that day from train kassa on Canal Griboedova.

Phone: 067 for kassa