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Train food
« on: February 11, 2009, 01:32:25 AM »
If you take an overnight train you usually can buy tea in the morning and some trains have a dining car. But most people bring their own food. If you are in a coupe, 4 bed-seats and a common table, you can make a picnic spread. Bread, cheese, kohlbasa, juices, fresh fruit, vegetables and water make a good spread.

It is a good idea to bring your own food. Trains make whistle stops at small villages and you can jump out for a minute and try to buy some juice from a kiosk or fresh fruit and bread from the grandmothers who come for your convenience. But you never know what you will find and the train will not wait for you. The conductor will scold you royally if you jump aboard as the train starts moving.

Many long distance trains do have a dining car and it makes for a pleasant break from the train seats if it is not crowded.