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Trains for local and international travel
« on: February 11, 2009, 01:22:15 AM »
[center]Trains for local and international travel [/center]

There are 5 train stations in St. Petersburg for local suburbs and international travel.

Trains are a great way to go to other cities, in fact the only way besides airplanes.
The local trains are the most economical electric trains. They are widely used for nearby towns and dascha. If you don't mind sitting on hard wood benches and many stops you can try and piece together a number of short runs to get to a far place, but it will be slow and tiring.

The redeye or night trains to Moscow from St. Petersburg and well traveled. You leave late at night and arrive early in the morning for a day of sightseeing. You can also return to Petersburg on the night train.
Most charge extra for sheets to sleep, about 50 rubles.

[b]Moskovsky Station[/b] (Metro: Ploshchad Vosstania or Mayakovskaya) Daily trains to Moscow run frequently, and most take approx. 7-8 hours, with overnight sleepers being the recommended choice. There is one train by the name of ER200 which will do the trip in about 4 hours, though it is rumored not to be for those with weak stomachs. In general, be advised to buy tickets well in advance, especially for weekend travel, as this is always a popular route. The station also serves the Novgorod, Luga, Far North, +7 (812) 768-94-57

[b]Finlandsky Station[/b] (Metro: Ploshchad Lenina) Trains to Helsinki, Finland, Vyborg and other northwest Russia areas.
+7 (812) 768-79-00

[b]Ladozhsky Station[/b] (Metro: Ladozhskaya) Central Asia, Crimea, and the Caucases.
+7 (812) 436-56-00, 436-53-04

[b]Baltiysky Station[/b] (Metro: Baltiskaya) For local/suburban services only. Trains to Peterhof, Pskov, Luga, Gatchina.
Next to it is [b]Varshavsky Station[/b] Serving Pskov, the Baltics, and Eastern.
+7 (812) 768-28-59

[b]Vitebsky Station[/b] (Metro: Pushkinskaya) Pavlovsk, Belarus, Kiev, Odessa.
+7 (812) 768-59-39