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Bicycling: difficult but possible
« on: February 03, 2009, 09:40:04 PM »
With the increasing automobile traffic and lack of bicycle lanes or paths, St. Petersburg is difficult for bicycles. Not to mention icy roads in winter.
However, outside the city there is almost always a footpath off the road for people. Many of these are paved and can make bicycling possible.

In 2007 the first bicylce tours started , 10:30 on Sunday mornings, during the warm months.
You meet at Skat Prokat, 7 Goncharnaya st. (Moscow Station) and rent the bicycle and take the tour. Or just go there and rent a bicycle if your are brave.

Photo: On the road since 2000, Pablo from Argentina is halfway on his journey around the world.
He started form his home in Argentina and now in St. Peterburg Russia for a day or two as he continues. He travels on a budget always looking for sponsors and new friends.
He figures it will be another 4 years (2008) to make it back to Argentina. Say hello!

Phone: +7 (812) 717-68-30
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