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Russian lessons & apartment special offer in St. Petersburg!
« on: January 27, 2009, 11:26:40 PM »
[center][color=green]Russian lessons special offer for Summer, Fall, Spring seasons in Saint Petersburg![/color][/center]

Hello everybody!
I am, as a qualified teacher of Russian language, offer you a 2 weeks course of Russian language living in St. Petersburg apartment with a local family.
 -3 hours of Russian language lessons daily  
 - Possibility to practice Russian as much as you like in the rest of the time with family members and neighbours
 - Tasty Russian food and a special occasion to eat true national home made food

[color=blue]Why my offer is so special than any others to study Russian language[/color]

Such time-consuming as trips to the school and back, buying food, cooking meals, even taking care of your appearance and make up simply do not have to exist at home.  
You do not waste time having to pay a visit to your teacher becouse i will come to you and to visit my relatives you will live with. So you get much more time for actual exercises than usual.

I offer you a full room and board with a sofa in a nicely renovated apartment in a greenest, center area of the St. Petersburg city. It is on the first floor you will not have to use staircase.

[color=blue]About study.[/color]
I concentrate on the speaking and listening which are in use all the time. The language is like a wet sponge: it always soaks in and contains the present  - day reality.
After a first week you should be able to listen and understand the News.

It is both unpractical and confusing to study with a textbook composed.
The grammar is the same - but everyday Russian life in  changeing very fast. My goal is to help you understand and express yourself in Russian, also to learn more about local life and how human values are perceived in Russia and to understand why Russians behave like they do. Russian approach to love, behave, career, success and so on in a  different way from the Americans or English people.

I am open to "special requests".  
Do you need to prepare a kind of self-presentation in Russian?
Do you need to investigate a certain topic about Russia or life here?
You decide...


The price include
 Accommodation in a separate room in a small St.Petersburg apartment, certainly linen and towels will be provided as well as toilet paper and everything necessary for life.
 Russian language lessons - 3 hours of  7 days a week for 2 weeks;  
 Breakfast and dinner;  
 Internet access for checking/answering e-mails (not browsing Internet)  
 Transportation metro card for 2 weeks, 2 trips in a day.  

E-mail me for more details.
I can answer.
And yes, it is a hard time for every body now and a special offer just for June 2010 will help both of us and i understand how much you have to spend to get to Russia from abroad.

Thank you for looking.
Email me for more details.
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