Author Topic: New Russian Constitution changes- longer term limits  (Read 2868 times)

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New Russian Constitution changes- longer term limits
« on: January 23, 2009, 10:04:17 PM »
January 21, 2009  changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation went into effect.

Changes have been minor in the15 years of the democratic constitution of the Russian Federation, but this year they are more far reaching.

The changes in constitution states that the term of office of President of Russia will be increased from four to six years (Article 81), the term of office of the State Duma - from four to five years (article 96), and the Cabinet is obliged to report on its activities to the State Duma ( Article 114).

The changes do not affect the current elected officials, but applies to future elections. Some critics of the  changes said that it is simply an attempt by former President Putin to return to the Presidency for 12 more years in the next two Presidential elections. Supporters of the changes argue that stability and time to implement the wide-reaching changes needed in Russia's young democracy will be possible with longer term limits.
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