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Petrovsky Stadium - Zenit Soccer
« on: January 22, 2009, 01:34:16 AM »
[i]Petrovsky Stadium - Zenit Soccer [/i]
[i]Зенит на Петровском стадионе![/i]

The Petrovsky Stadium is host to the Zenit Soccer, the famous football (футбол) team from St. Petersburg.
The Stadium became well-known after hosting Goodwill Games in 1994.

The stadium is scheduled to be leaved by team later in 2006.
The team is planning to move to a new remodeled Kirov Stadium in 2009. See other tip for Zenit Kirov Project.

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Address: Petrograd Island
Directions: Directions: Follow the blue Zenit fans from metro Sportivnaya or Gorkovskaya, Petrogradskaya, Chkalovskaya metro.
Petrograd island in the Malaya Neva River, connected by a bridge to the mainland.
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