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Department Stores: Passage shopping mall
« on: January 19, 2009, 10:42:40 PM »
[glow=red,2,300][color=brown] Passage shopping mall [/color] [/glow]

The most elegant shopping center on Nevsky Prospect is the Passage Shopping Center.
Located across from Gostiniy Dvor.
Inisde are two stories of upscale stores in an elegant architectural setting. It reminds you of GUM mall in Moscow (Near Red Square) but about 1/2 the size.

Nice gifts and clothes

The sky is the limit :) But you can find good deals too. It used to be know only for being very expensive, but some shops are quite competitive.

Address: Nevsky Prospect and Sadovaya St.
Directions: Gostinniy Dvor/Nevsky Metro, across the street