Author Topic: Souvenirs: The Lucky Coin reaches Russia  (Read 3409 times)

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Souvenirs: The Lucky Coin reaches Russia
« on: January 19, 2009, 09:34:39 PM »
[center]Souvenirs: The Lucky Coin reaches Russia [/center]

Petersburg Morskaya (Sea) Salon

Sea souvenir shop next to the Peter and Paul Fortress.
They have navy collectibles, sea paintings, books, and what memorabilia they can find related to russian navy. (You can find other sea collectibles at the Russian NAVy Museum.)

There are 4 different souvenir views in the Lucky Coin machine.
In the USA you put a quarter and penny and turn the handle to press a souvenir from the Penny.
In Russia place a Metro token (Zheton, 14 rubles in 2007) and a 50 Kopeek coin and make your souvenir.

What To Pay: 14 rubles for souvenir
Address: 8 Alexandrovskiy Park
Directions: Metro Gorkhovskaya, walk towards fortress through Alexandrovskiy Park.