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Souvenirs: Flea Markets
« on: January 14, 2009, 10:14:58 PM »
[center][color=blue]Souvenirs: Flea Markets- Udelnaya [/color] [/center]

Souvenirs and street sellers

The biggest flea market is near the Udelnaya Metro and Train Stations.
Go through the normal looking market kiosks of new import items for sale until you come to the covered tables of used items. First and 2nd hand clothes, then collectibles, tools and household items.
The market follows the railroad tracks for about 1 km in the summer.
At the end it expands to grandmothers with items spread on a cloth under the trees.

There are a few quality vendors, but it might be best classified as garage sale or junk market.
Thdere are many soviet pins and coins, some military and who knows what else.:)

The market is open 10-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

There are many impromptu flea markets in the outlying metro stations. You can find many collectible things or just junk. Books, dishes, clothes old shoes, you name it! They are along the way from Metro to the train stop. Watch your bag while you look around.

What To Buy: What strikes your fancy

What To Pay: barter for bargains

Local Craft
Address: Udelnaya Metro
Directions: Between Udelnaya Metro and the Udelnaya train stop. Follow the market along teh railroad tracks, stuff gets cheaper and junkier as you go ...