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Karelia Hotel
« on: December 30, 2008, 08:41:54 PM »
[center][color=orange]Karelia Business Hotel [/color] [/center]

The Karelia Business Hotel was built at the end of the Soviet period, 1979-1985, so from the outside it has a very plain appearance. It is generally rated 3-stars and is a decent hotel with better prices than the hotels right in the center. It is tall, 16-stories and has 273 and some convention meeting rooms.

The Hotel is at 27 Tukhachevskogo, nearest Lenin Square Metro Station that you can reach by bus number T320.
It is not near Nevsky, so you'll have to use transport to walk in the main central district. The front desk of the hotel will have English speaking staff with the best method to go. Generally, it should cost about $1 to catch a bus and metro and get to the center and you should plan about one hour. Taxi of course can be used for 200-400 rubles and be faster except at rush hour.

It is near a park, Polustrovski Park, but otherwise a visitor must travel by car or bus to sightseeing.

You can get a better price there than the elegant 5-star hotels in the center. Most buildings in the center are 4-6 stories, so at 16-stories you can get a good view from the hotel.

Prices: US$80-120  
Address: 27/2 Tukhachevsky St., St Petersburg, 195067, RU
Directions: 26 km from airport, north of center. Airport taxi will be a bit expensive.

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