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Petro Palace Hotel
« on: December 23, 2008, 05:37:22 PM »
[center][color=blue]Petro Palace Hotel - closest to Hermitage [/color] [/center]

Another new 4- star hotel in the center with 194 rooms.
New, modern renovation in a beautiful old facade, but somehow not inviting to visit.

It is the closest to Palace Square, but others, the Astoria, Angleterre, Renaissance are only one block further and perhaps more pleasant.

The staff was non-engaging, we never got greeting coming or going and ended up going elsewhere after 5 minutes.
Unless you get a super deal it would be more friendly in other 4-star hotels.

The Sky Bar has been touted as having the best view in St. Petersburg.
The sky bar is a modern renovation, but the view is the ugly sides of unrenovated buildings. You can see the needle of the Admiralty over the top, but really it is not the best view. Try the Renaissance Hotel for better views from their terrace.

Comparison: about average
Prices: US$180 and up   Currency Converter
Phone: +7 812 571 3006
Address: 14 Malaya Morskaya Street,
One block off Nevsky
Other Contact:

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