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White Russian cocktail
« on: December 16, 2008, 08:57:20 AM »
Hello, does anybody knows about real White Russian cocktail?
It is a couple recipies for it on the web.
I know and tried some i would like to share with you.

A White russian is made up of three ingredients:

1 part Vodka
1 part Kahlua
1 part Cream

Generally, take a tumbler and fill it with ice, add the vodka, kahlua, cream. There are many variations depending on who you're making it for (generally, women like me prefer more cream, heavy cream).

  Mixing proportions
There are a few other variations I know about, that work well depending on who your audience is.

2 parts Vodka
1 part Kahlua
1 part Cream

2 part Vodka
1 part Kahlua
4 part Cream

Base on your taste, so anything between the stock and the variations I've given you is just fine. For a really interesting treat, you can substitute Bailey's Irish Cream or Bailey's Mint Cream for the cream.

And there is the Colorado Bulldog, which is a white russian with another part of Coca Cola added at the last, which many women love but which few bars admit exist.

Variations on the ingredients
I like nice things and when it comes to vodka, quality is very important when you will be sipping it straight or slightly mixed.

When it comes to something like a white russian, what you get from a nice sipping vodka is going to be overpowered enough that it's really worth having two bottles of the good stuff for the white russians. There are better places in the makeup of your drink to put your cash.

This one is important. You might have a tendency to say "Cream is bad for you?" and try to substitute something else, but it's good to remember that you are not making a jug of the stuff. It's a sipping drink, and cream really does add to the texture and flavor and is highly recommended. Some like half and half, which is half milk and half cream. That works fine too.

However, sometimes you just don't have cream around. Understandable, I've certainly been there. In those situations, 2% milk works. It's not ideal, but it'll do. Milk with 1%, or egh, skim milk, is absolutely a last resort. It does something, but you lose so much flavor and texture, and the difference is so vast, that you might as well just go with the black russian.

Lastly, soy milk. I don't know anyone who has tried it, to me it taste terrible.
Don't even go there, you don't need the negative karma.

This one confuses people outside of the USA sometimes, but basically Kahlua is just a variant of coffee liquor. There are a bunch of them, and if Kahlua itself isn't available to you, you want a rich and dark variety. Since you cheaped out on the vodka, you're able to splurge a bit here and not get the really awful stuff.

Kahlua itself is a rich, dark brown coffee liqueur made from Mexican coffee, with cane spirits (yep, from sugar cane, kinda like rum) and a slight hint of vanilla. It's considered to be very thick-bodied, and also has sugar and a bit of vodka in it already.

Yes, it's good sipping just on its own, or in coffee, hot chocolate, or over warm brownies with a dollop of ice cream, or lightly drizzled over a piece of vanilla cheesecake... it's worth keeping in the house.

It's been around forever, since before World War II, but weirdly enough it didn't come to America until the early 1960s.

The cream provides the texture, but if you are going to be able to tell the difference in flavor it will be here, so budget accordingly. It really isn't that big of a deal though, so just use what you have and enjoy it.
I'm going to assume you don't have a cocktail shaker and are just going to go ghetto on mixing your drink. Here are some things to keep in mind...

You want your white russian to be chilled, but not watery. Watery is very bad, and the easiest way to have a watery drink is too much alcohol and not enough ice. Do not  pre-mix it and store it chilled in the fridge for the first few of the evening before you have it.

When you're adding the ingredients, what you want to avoid is having the vodka floating on top. This is very easy to do if you are just adding the alcohol over the ice and giving a quick stir. [b]Vodka first, then Kahlua and cream over top[/b]. The heavier liquids are already migrated down and mingling, so with a half-second stir you are set!

[u]Коктейль White Russian - Белый русский[/u]:)

50 мл Водка
30 мл кофейный Ликер
20 мл сливки

Чтобы приготовить коктейль White Russian, слегка перемешать водку и кофейный ликер в бокале Олд фешн (широкий бокал)со льдом, долить сверху сливки, можно тоже перемешать.
Вы можете себе представить ностальгирующих русских изгнанников из «белого» движения, потягивающих этот коктейль после большевистской революции и мечтающих о родных снегах и степях. Если вы не будете использовать сливки и замените ликер белый «Крем де Какао» на ликер «Калуа» (Kalua) — насыщенный коричневого цвета кофейный ликер из Мексики, — то получите «Черный русский» (Black Russian), который подается поверх льда в низком стакане. Вы можете придумать Ваш собственный«Красный русский», чтобы завершить картину.
И написать мне здесь об этом!
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Re: White Russian cocktail
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2009, 07:10:34 AM »
I can do this coctail every evening very easy!!! i have all staff for it!!!