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Hermitage Free Day!
« on: December 01, 2008, 06:06:12 AM »
Not many people know about it, but the first Thursday of each month is free admission in the Hermitage Museum and associated museums. Here you see the long line in January to get into the museum. The line is clear across Palace Square and takes about 3 hours to get into the museum!
On normal days when you buy a ticket the line is much shorter. If you come about 11 am on a normal day you may have to wait an hour to get in. Go earlier!

The museum opens at 10:30 inthe morning. Go at 10 and get in line.
They limited how many people go at one time because the cloakroom cannot handle too many people at one time.
Alternative: The Hermitage has many subsidiary museums also free, and no lines or crowds. If you find a long line on the Palace Square to go to the main Hermitage Museum, just cross the square to the General Staff building and see that part of the museum with no crowds.