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Outdoor Souvenir Markets
« on: December 01, 2008, 05:54:13 AM »
[b]Outdoor Souvenir Markets[/b]
Along the Canal Griboedova behind the Church on the Spilled Blood is the main outdoor souvenir market in St. Petersburg. All the tour buses dump out scores of tourists every hour. You have a better bargaining posiiton early or in the off-season when there are not so many tourists and many vendors.

You can find a smaller outdoor souvenir market by St. Isaac's Cathedral or Peter and Paul Fortress.
Nesting Matrushka dolls, t-shirts and other trinkets can be found.

If you see something you like, bargain for the best price. You can always get a discount. Usually several booths will have the same item, so you can move down the row asking for the best price.
Alternative: There are also souvenir shops in regular stores, such as Gostiniy Dvor along Nevsky Prospekt. For the best price get away from Nevsky Prospect.
Bookstores have nice postcard and calendar sections.

Also, think of alternatives. Nice flax or linen goods are classy souvenirs.
Or M&Ms made in Russia!
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