Author Topic: Great night views in St. Petersburg, Russia  (Read 2488 times)

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Great night views in St. Petersburg, Russia
« on: December 01, 2008, 03:36:09 AM »
Nightlife Spot: [color=red]Sunsets[/color] and night lights in the city center

Well, maybe it is not a real nightlife tip, in the literal sense of the word, but we enjoy the views at night, especially after this big rain shower and with the play of the sunset light.

In the rear you can see the golden peak of the Admiralty building. I just love that reflection on the wet road surface.
This photo is along the Moika River in the city center

See other pictures too :)

Take a good umbrella

Address: Moika and all streets
Directions: Take a walk along Nevsky Prospect, the Canals and rivers and enjoy the lights and slihouettes.