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  A large festival of animated films or you can call them cartoons will be opened this week in Moscow. This festival is held in the capital on several sites and is not the first time. Not only children but also adults the whole year were waiting for this event. What an interesting cartoon show and surprise for the audience at this time, as well as what problems exist in the Russian animation. The permanent organizers of this festival - Dina Goder and Maria Tereshchenko.

The central event with us - it's probably two programs that each year shows the most recent movie. One of the programs of Russian - is the premiere, then there is the most recent Russian cinema. And other foreign, it's called "winners". This is also a movie of the last two years, but those movies that have already received some prizes at festivals.

The program seems to be absolutely immense, enormous, especially considering that there are many short animation.

This is an exhibition and sale of work and a great opportunityto purchase some of the best cartoonists in the United Kingdom. 2011 also saw an exhibition of cartoons of Ireland and exhibitions of works by political cartoonist (The Independent), Peter Schrank and Jacky Fleming


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