Author Topic: Aug.14: Zombie Walk 2: Dark Alley. Krestovsky Ostrov.  (Read 3231 times)

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Aug.14: Zombie Walk 2: Dark Alley. Krestovsky Ostrov.
« on: August 20, 2010, 04:25:55 PM »
It's just started to get dark at night in Saint Petersburg, Russia and here it is. Zombie comes out at the Krestovsky Island, it's dark and they can hide between tall trees. But don't be scared. It's just a show.

On Saturday, August 14, St. Petersburg hosted the second parade of zombies - ZombieWalk 2: Dark Alley. With lunch on the territory of Krestovsky Island, the monument of Kirov flocked group of young men armed with make-up, artificial blood, and other trappings of a parade. In the surrounding bush was a process of gradually make-up of participants. All got transformations to the costumes of dead soldiers, plumbers, doctors, reporters, police officers ... brides, mothers with babies, lumberjacks, punks. The list is endless. I supported the idea of stylistic parade armed sons of the classic hard drive and MR-233, making them thus in zombie hunters.

Background: The first non-profit zombie parade was held in Toronto in 2003, and was named «Toronto Zombie Walk». Since then, the tradition of flash mobs this topic redistributed to different countries. The last few years, it takes part in Russia.
The first zombie parade in Moscow was in 2007. Also, zombie parades were in Orenburg, Ekatirenburge, Voronezh, Volgograd. In St. Petersburg, the first parade took place on Nevsky Prospect in 2009.

Rules of «Zombie Walk»:

- Respect other's property.
- Eat brains, but reserves the dirt.
- Try to stick to the sidewalk and not go on the road.
- Respect other zombies, and personal living space.
- Zombies do not have a license for failure.
- You are responsible for your own body!
- Have fun!

So, by 16:30, the time the official start of the parade of almost all the zombies were given in proper condition and began their march along the gun the way to the exit of the park. Photographers had to sweat and lose a few extra pounds, because Zombie okzalis excessively fast and tenacious. Multiple photos during the parade were bitten. One fotokorrov practicing shooting "in Macedonian, managed to fend off zombies slippers. But in the final point of the parade, he hastily climbed into the middle of the group shot and was eaten by zombies.

It is quite out of breath to run in front of a few times ahead of this nifiga(damn) not slowly creeping zombie crowd. Refreshed skills piplslaloma. And still managed to pull the middle and ring finger on his right hand, shooting on the run in the mode shoot'n'run. A couple of times nearly devoured. It was witnessed eating their less fortunate brothers in the craft.

The team has worked quite successfully cover, so I survived and was able to come back. And in the end, they were even shooting at zombies from the MP-233 in the portrait photo session.

Special thanks to the "physical" administration of the park, which allows the car is worn on the lanes with other vacationers, and construction equipment supervised the construction of a new stadium allow the main path, where children ride on roller skates and bicycles. Even if the warning signs would be hung at the entrance.
But motorists zombie revenge by attacking recklessly moving along the pedestrian area of cars.

The next event in the plans of entertainment: Pillow fight! Do not miss ...

That was really cool.
I just adore them.

Please, look, to know how some people entertain themselves in Moscow.
Zombie Parade in Moscow 2010.

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Re: Aug.14: Zombie Walk 2: Dark Alley. Krestovsky Ostrov.
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2010, 01:17:02 AM »
It is like Halloween in August! In the daytime! Krestovsky will never be the same for me!


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Halloween is good for zombies too!. Krestovsky Ostrov.
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2010, 06:25:42 AM »
I hope to see many of these zombies again walking in St. Petersburg for Halloween!