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Aug.12-15: Air Show "InterAero Kom 2010"
« on: August 13, 2010, 06:08:49 PM »
Petersburgers re-taught to private aviation.

For the first time since 1910 in the northern capital once again demonstrate the "peaceful" aircraft. While experts are discussing the problems of development of small aircraft, the inhabitants of the city trying to taste - what it means to be a pilot of his plane.

Air Show "InterAero Kom 2010" won several areas Fairgrounds "Fairgrounds". A list of those 4 days to discuss the specialists, includes aviation legislation, air between adjacent regions, Aviation-Specialty, problems and prospects of sport aviation development of aeronautics.

While experts are looking for solutions and build strategy, the usual visitors in amazement looking at "private" helicopters and experimental aircraft.

"Of course, it is difficult to realize that personal transport - this is not necessarily the car. Some are still in the country, and boats or boats, but in any case, "his" airplane seems to be something from the category of fiction "- shared his impressions with the correspondent" BaltInfo "one of the visitors Alexander Erushin.

Destroy stereotypes of St. Petersburg were called three helicopters (only one of them of Russian origin), two "old", but quite serviceable aircraft and the three experimental aircraft.

Helicopters have attracted much attention, but all visitors' questions relate only to their technical characteristics. No one asked about the cost of helicopters, too exotic, they seemed on the background of Russian reality.

As for the "veterans" flight case, the interest in them shown only experts in aviation history. By the way, one of the planes - the legendary "Farman-4" - the most popular aircraft beginning of XX century and witness the very air show, which took place in Petrograd, exactly 100 years ago. The second exhibit - the plane "Newport". In prerevolutionary Russia there were only 15, one of which was used as a school.

Frankly weak composition exhibits balanced by "vigorous" entertainment. At 15.00 all the visitors were invited closer to the water. Over the Gulf of Finland showed his skills flying club "Nevsky" and aerobatic team "Rus' ".

They opened the show jumpers who parachuted from 1,5 thousand meters straight into the center of the crowd, met them with applause. Almost immediately after their landing on the water seemed "kukuruznik" AN-2. With his help athletes showed "extreme landing with 100 meters straight into the water. After dumping the plane made a sharp turn over the audience and disappeared from view, and select jumpers off boats MOE. While rescuers were caught drenched landing, because of the trees indicated that four single-engine aircraft.

They simultaneously perform a loop the loop ", did a barrel, several times made the combat setting directly at the crowd of spectators, and then said goodbye, waving his wings. Their place in the air took the absolute world champion Michael Mamistov sport airplane. He spoke at a German plane Extra 300, such high-speed monoplane participate in internationally renowned aviagonkah Red Bull.

Mamistov used a small high-speed aircraft at full power, literally "dancing" in the air over the "Fairgrounds". He then lay down on one, on the other wing, made an upward ing assembly "barrel, twisted loops, dropped to 100 meters of dangerous at high speed and comply with" bell "- vertical hanging in the air with the engine shut off.

After a solo performance captured the attention of the audience Mamistova aerobatic team "Rus" on fighter jets L-39. The pilots had confidently system, while carrying out aerobatics. Interview was the culmination of a message from the female half of the audience. Two of the aircraft, using red signal smoke, painted the sky a huge heart, and then the third "pierced" its smoke boom. Pilots have promised to repeat his performance on Sunday at the same time.

While the women admired the skill of the pilots, the men tried to master the basic skills of piloting aircraft to aircraft simulators. With it you can fly the virtual twin-engine hydroplane Accord 201. According to the exhibitors, it was such an aircraft now being developed in Nizhny Novgorod. It is planned that he will be able to carry up to 7 passengers and land both on water and on a normal runway.

The simulator is a fully recreated the cockpit of the aircraft with all the levers of control. Standing the almost hour turn, could "raise it in the air" from Sochi's airport and make a few laps on the Black Sea coast, and then put back on the strip.

Accord in great demand not only for children, "his eyes were burning and in adult men. This seemingly simple task is not all able to perform the first time, and they asked for another try. And those who do not have enough "sky" in the simulator, was invited to experience flight in a balloon. Visitors kata team of Russia on aeronautics.

According to the organizers of the airshow, it is intended not only pumped up the townspeople to air travel, but also help to eliminate confusion in the laws relating to small aircraft. All this will promote personal air transport and to overcome obstacles to its development.
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