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August 13 - 15: Biker show in memory of Victor Tsoy.
« on: August 13, 2010, 05:54:45 PM »
Biker show in memory of Victor Tsoy will be arranged in Leningradskaya oblast'.

Petersburg Branch of the Russian motor club "Night Wolves" will hold a XI bike-rock festival "The younger generation against drugs" in memory of musician Victor Tsoy 20th anniversary of whose death will be celebrated on August 13-15.

The organizers of the festival on Friday,13 bikers will lay flowers at the grave of Tsoy to Petersburg Theological cemetery, then a column of riders will go through the whole St. Petersburg to the place of the rock festival - the airfield in the village of Nikolskoye Gatchina district of Leningrad region.
Music festival will last three days.
On the landing made by the St. Petersburg group "December", "Team contract", "Troll oppression spruce" and others.
Guests will be able to see the events movies about the life and work of Tsoy and a group of "Cinema", shows "Night Wolves", a fire show and fireworks.
The festival will end on the day of the 20 th anniversary of the death of Tsoi on Sunday.

Join them and you will have a good time.


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Aug.15: Viktor Tsoy memory concert at the club "Boiler Kamchatka"
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In the boiler room, where Viktor Tsoy worked as a fireman , will be a concert to the memory of the musician.

Rock concert in memory of Viktor Tsoy will be held in the St. Petersburg Museum Club "[b]Boiler Kamchatka[/b]" in the day 20-th anniversary of the death of a musician, on Sunday the 15th of Aug. told organizer of the event Sergei Firsov.
The club rebuilt from the old boiler room, where V. Tsoy worked as a fireman. According to the organizer of the concert will be attended by rock musicians and groups "Film", "Legend", "Its measure" and others.
Another evening of songs V. Tsoi will be held in the Kamchatka Peninsula on August, 28.


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Re: August 13 - 15: Biker show in memory of Victor Tsoy.
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Wow, when I was there it was about 5 feet high ceiling and filled with water. They must have done a big renovation!
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August 15: Victor Robertovich Tsoy. Biography.
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2010, 10:07:02 AM »
[b]August 15 marks the 20 th anniversary of the death of a musician, leader of the group "Kino" Viktor Tsoi.[/b]

Singer, poet, composer, actor, band leader "Kino" Viktor Tsoi was born June 21, 1962 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). Korean Father Victor, a native of Kazakhstan, he worked as an engineer, mother a Russian, a radical from Leningrad, was a physical education teacher.
Do Victor and early childhood, had been willing to draw, so parents with the fourth grade (in 1974) defined it in art school, where he studied until 1977.
Music, like painting, was one of the permanent passions Victor. The first guitar parents gave him in the fifth grade. During his studies at art school, he met with Maxim Pashkov , which subsequently organized a group of "Chamber № 6.
In 1978 Tsoi, entered Leningrad Art College. Serov, the decorating department. But the fonts and posters have been a burden to him. Much more satisfaction brought up music.
In 1979 he was expelled from school "for academic failure, and then went to work at the factory and enrolled in night school. Later he studied at SGPTU № 61 in "carver", after which the distribution worked briefly in the restoration workshops of the Catherine Palace museum in the town of Pushkin, Leningrad region.
In 1980, Choi began performing at concerts apartment in Moscow, together with the band "Automatic Satisfiers. In 1981 he made his stage debut as a bass player in the Leningrad cafe "Hold".
Of these concerts in the summer of 1981 there was a group "Garin and hyperboloids" which included Viktor Tsoi, Aleksei Rybin and Oleg Valinsky. The autumn of 1981, the group entered the Leningrad rock club. Following the resignation of Oleg Valinskogo group was renamed the "Cinema".
In 1982 the group "Kino" debuted on the stage of the Leningrad rock club, and then released their first album, produced by Boris Grebenshchikov (leader of the group "Aquarium").
In autumn 1982 he worked in the garden and park trust woodcarver.
February 19, 1983 held a joint concert entitled "Cinema" and "Aquarium", which sounded songs such as "Aluminum cucumber", "Train" and "trolley".
In the spring of 1983 Alexei Rybin left the band, cause there were differences with Viktor Tsoi.
The fall of 1983, Viktor Tsoi, being on a survey of the hospital, wrote the song "tranquilizer.
In spring 1984, a group of "Cinema" was made at the second Festival of the Leningrad rock club and got laureatskoe title and the song Victor Tsoi "I declare your house a nuclear-free zone" was recognized as the best anti-war song.
In the second half of 1984 would have formed the second group "Cinema", which included: Viktor Tsoi (guitar, vocals), Yuri Kasparian (guitar, vocals), George Gustav Gur'yanov (drums, vocals), Alexander Titov (bass, vocals ). After some time the place came Titov Igor Tikhomirov.
In the summer of 1984 the band recorded the album "Head of Kamchatka, and then release of" This Is Not Love "(1985)," Night "(1986), songs from which the" Mother-anarchy "and" saw the night "are becoming popular.
In the spring of 1985, the band "Cinema" won third festival of the Leningrad rock club, and a year later, at the next, the fourth rock festival, the band "Cinema" won a prize for the best texts.
In 1986, the group "Kino" and "Aquarium" played a concert program in the U.S. and there is recorded the album "Red Wave" (Red Wave).
Autumn of 1986, Tsoi, found work in a machinist's famous boiler room "Kamchatka".
In the spring of 1987 took place last appearance at the festival rock club where the band "Cinema" was awarded the prize "for the creative age."
In addition to musical creativity, Victor Tsoi was known for his work in cinema. He starred in the films "XXa Ya!" (Prod. Rashid Nugmanov), "End of holidays" (dir. Sergei Lysenko), "Rock" (director Alexey Uchitel) and "Assa" (dir. Sergei Soloviev). In the film, Rashid Nugmanova "Needle" (1988) Viktor Tsoi, has already become legendary at the time, played a major role Moreau.
He also continued to paint. In 1988, held in New York exhibition of contemporary artists from Leningrad 10 paintings painted by Viktor Tsoi .
In 1988 he released the album "Blood" was recorded the album "Star Called Sun" which was released in late 1989, the first and last album in the history of the band, recorded in professional studios.
In the summer of 1989, along with Yuri Kasparyanom Tsoi, traveled to the United States, and the spring of 1990 visited Japan.
June 24, 1990 in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow hosted the last concert of "Movies." Was arranged special fireworks and lit the Olympic torch. The jubilant spectators in the stadiums can not assume that they see Choi was the last time.
August 15, 1990 at 12:00. 28 min. Victor Tsoi died tragically in a car crash, returning from a night fishing in Jurmala driving "Moskvich". Tsoi car crashed into a passenger shuttle bus "Ikarus". According to investigators, the singer fell asleep at the wheel.
He was buried in St. Petersburg at the Theological Cemetery.
Viktor Tsoi was married. He married in 1984 to a girl named Mariana, who since 1982 worked as an administrator group "Kino". August 5, 1985 they had a son Alexander. A couple broke up for several years before the death of a musician, but spouses are not officially divorced. June 27, 2005 the widow of Victor Tsoi - Mariana Choi after severe and prolonged illness died.
After the death of Victor Tsoi musicians Kino decided to finalize and release the last album. In December 1990, released last "Black Album", dedicated to. The "Cinema" has ceased to exist.
In 1990, after the death of Choi in Moscow in Krivoarbatsky lane spontaneously appeared "Wall of Viktor Tsoi" , which became the unofficial place of worship for the leader of the group "Kino". Fans of graffiti scribbled "Cinema", "Choi alive," quotes from his songs and declarations of love musician. A wall covered with the words "President, you are God" and "Choi alive" comes to life twice a year, June 21, the day of birth and 15 August, the day of death.
In 2006, the "Wall of Tsoi" was painted over by the movement Art Destroy Project, but later reinstated the fans. In November 2009, city authorities reported plans to "humanise" the wall. However, youth activists "young guard" of "United Russia" and "Local" held a rally against the intention of City Hall. The main slogans of the event were: "Choi alive in our hearts!" and "Cinema" will be! ".
August 15, 2002 in Latvia by 35 km of trails Sloka - Talsi, on the spot death of a musician, a monument was set (the authors - an artist and sculptor Ruslan Vereshchagin Amiran Habelashvili).
In the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg there is a Club Museum Victor Tsoi - "Boiler Kamchatka , where the number of staff Viktor Tsoi fireman. It opened in late 2003. Now, in the former boiler house on the site of the boiler is a small scene, but in the museum store guitar Tsoi, posters, photographs, records, tickets to the concert of "Cinema". In St. Petersburg, "Kamchatka" is a traditional place of pilgrimage, moviegoers. "
In St. Petersburg in the Park "Alexandrino" on the prospect of Veterans decided to erect a monument to Victor Choi . In the summer of 2009 at the cinema "Aurora" on Nevsky Prospect in the presentation of a documentary film by Alexei Uchitel "Last Hero" was installed temporary monument Choi, who was removed two days later.


Here is just another language version translated and singed by Tsoy for american tour in 80-s. Maybe the russian version is better, but this more understandable for americans. It's so hard to translate song with saving the rhyme. i like both versions equaly.
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