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Author Topic: Guide to River Cruises from Russia  (Read 1573 times)

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Guide to River Cruises from Russia
« on: May 26, 2010, 09:25:03 PM »
Guide to Russian  River Cruises

Russia is a country of rich history, culture and traditions and therefore is one of the most fascinating destinations for any traveler.  In recent years, taking a Russian river cruise has become a popular way to see Russia…and for good reason. These amazing all-inclusive programs take travelers to many of the interesting destinations in Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, kingdoms of the Golden Ring and Kizhi Island.  In addition, cruising along the rivers of Russia allows visitors to experience this country’s amazing history and culture while enjoying the service and comfort of a cruise ship. A vast network of Russian rivers reaches every major city and ancient sight in Western Russia.

Not surprisingly, the most popular Russian river cruise is the one that takes you to Russia's two most famous and largest cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. This is also the busiest route for Russian river cruising.  Even over one thousand years ago, Vikings traveled along this route for trade, sailing from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and then to Greece. And along that ancient trade route, the great Russian civilization grew. In the past, some parts of this route were not navigable and the Vikings would literally lift their boats and carry them over land. Luckily for modern travelers, this is no longer necessary thanks to a series of man-made canals and locks built by the order of Stalin in 1930s when he decided to turn Moscow into a "port of five seas."  Still, only relatively small ships carrying from 100 to 250 passengers can navigate these waters which makes river cruising the ideal way to travel along these waterways.

There are many amazing places to visit on the banks of Russia’s great Volga River as well as along her tributaries.  From one of the largest cities of Europe, Moscow, to one of the most beautiful - St. Petersburg - from ancient citadels (Goritzi) to spectacular cathedrals on isolated islands Kizhi, a trip along the rivers of Russia will certainly introduce travelers to the many diverse facets of this destination.

Every port will bring new and interesting sights.  Moscow, the historic Russian capital, is home to the famous Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral with its colorful onion domes and the Kremlin, the seat of the Russian government and the center of the Russian Orthodox Church.  

In contrast, St. Petersburg, one of Europe’s most magnificent cities, is often called “Venice of the North” due to its network of canals.  The former capital of Czarist Russia, founded by Peter the Great in 1703, St. Petersburg boasts unique architecture and distinct culture. And the fairy tale Island of Kizhi, situated in the northern part of Lake Onega, highlights the picturesque architecture of the region, including the Church of Transfiguration, a truly outstanding masterpiece of wooden structure.

Some say that to journey down the rivers of Russia is to travel in the footsteps of the Czars. In any case, it is certainly the best way to see the small towns that retain the atmosphere of Russia’s mysterious past, the medieval cities full of history, folklore and legend and the museums, theaters and cultural sites of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
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