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Title: The authorities of St. Petersburg - bake bread yourself
Post by: Mariria on August 22, 2010, 07:31:17 PM
The authorities of St. Petersburg decided to bake bread themselves.

St. Petersburg authorities intend to protect citizens from soaring prices for bread. To this end, the city administration intends to purchase or build their own capacities for the production of bread, reports Reuters.
"We are borrowing up to 20 percent of the grain market. We like the city will control the prices of two products: bread rye bread and rifled. We do not intend to intervene actively in the dairy and meat markets," - said the head of the Economy Committee of the City Eugene Elin at the meeting on August 19.

Vice-governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Oseyevsky in an interview assessed the construction of a plant with capacity of 40-45 tons per day to 200 million rubles. He noted that the construction of the bakery is not an end in itself, but the city is ready to spend on this budget, if no other way to influence the market will not.

The City will try to arrange grain companies to work together in the tolling regime. In this case, the City will be supplied to flour mills, getting back to bread. If the city can not agree with the grain companies to work together, then the city will build a bakery in one area with its own elevator.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the weekly increase in consumer prices (from 10 to 16 August 2010) up to mid-March, 0.1 percent, the second consecutive demonstrated accelerated to 0.2 percent due to increased food prices - primarily large and bread.

Bread and flour have risen in price dramatically over the summer on the entire territory of Russia because of the death of the grain harvest.

It will be very nice and tasty bread.
Title: Cancel the bread baking in St.Petersburg
Post by: Mariria on August 30, 2010, 08:16:43 PM
St. Petersburg administration refused announced last week plans to build a plant to produce social bread, said yesterday the governor Valentina Matvienko . According to Vice-Governor Mikhail Oseevsky , Smolny agreed with the major manufacturers that they will not raise prices. Arrangements over the price is, but the agreement is not signed, said CEO "Miche" Nicholas Tyutyunnikov . "This was a request from the city, to which we responded," - said Maxim Bolshov , Director of Sales "Bread House". According to a top manager of another factory, oral agreements concluded in early August.

The price of bread "Rye" from "Bread House" - about 20 rubles per 1 kg, loaf "Threaded" - 30 rub. 1 kg. These varieties account for 20% of production "Bread House" and "Miche". According Tyutyunnikova, the price of bread, a social will depend on the supply of flour from grain elevator owned Smolny "Neva mill". It is at 30-35% below market.

The rest of the bread will rise in price in September by 10%, predicted Alexander Zorin , executive director of the Association "Baker of St. Petersburg. Social breads for the last month did not go up, the press service of the North-West.