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Title: Finding balance between Russian and Western press
Post by: Admiral_Kolchak on December 16, 2010, 11:35:47 PM
Russia: Other Points of View

One of the things very apparent when you spend a little time in Russia is how different Russian and American/European  press cover events and that both tend to be biased.

American Press has a cold war prejudice that makes it often look ignorant of recent history and the Russian Press, particularly the Television stations. And as the Georgian - Russian conflict taught us two years ago, even our embassies report erroneous facts based on their ties to local governments.

What we need are some reporters who can step back and sort the fact from propaganda and give us soem balance. I want to know the facts, not just the politically expedient twist of the day.

 I attempt to do that in my entries here on And in a small way i hope it is useful.

There are  some brave writers to attempt to look at all sides and get to the facts.

They make their posts in a Blog format called "Russia: Other Points of View." (

When you want to try and get some context, facts and understand the sources -- these folks do a  good job.
Their perspectives tend to stand up to the test of time and I am sure glad they are out there.
They deserve a read:
Russia: Other Points of View (