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Title: First of March, Kikimora - kick out, very old style New Year.
Post by: Mariria on February 26, 2009, 08:14:51 AM
Kikimoru will kick out of the house on March 1, after the manner of the ancient Slavs.

"First of March - a very significant day for all Slavic peoples, which was connected with the coming new year and spring. The new style on March 1, the day falls Maremyany-Kikimory, which, contrary to common perceptions, does not live in a swamp or a forest, and in the house, and tries every way to harm the house wife, "- said Dobrovolskaya
According to her, Kikimora - person is very harmful, in ancient Slavs represented not his wife Leshego or so more water, a lonely old lady, dry, "armless" a woman who does not know how to do, but it prevents willing to manage the house, confusing yarn, breaking dishes and noise at night.