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Title: Metro Deep Underground
Post by: Mariria on February 04, 2009, 09:52:08 PM
With over 100 kilometers tunnels (and with many 100 meters underground) the Saint Petersburg Metro are a good way to get around cheaply and efficiently.
In 2004 the metro token costs 12 rubles, or about 45 cents US.
In 2008 - 17 rubles.

They can be crowded at rush hour. Between 6-7 pm can be quite a crush.
Do not wear a backpack in the crowd,
give seats to seniors and women,
and be quick entering and exiting.
Most lines start at 6 am and start the last run at midnight.

One uniqie feature is that the design and art in each Metro undergound station is unique. Some have really beautiful soviet era art, especially the old stations on the blue line.

Be warned that it is against regulations to take pictures in the Metro. I got caught and chewed out, but was allowed to keep my pictures after some stern looks and harsh warnings.
These deep chambers have strategic importance and all such things cannot be photographed. Also, there can be seen at the bottom of the escalators doors that can be closed to seal these stations as bomb shelters.
Above ground trains are also strategic and technically you are not supposed to photograph them.

Open since 1955.


photos: metro Sadovaya
metro map 2004 ( it is more stations now)